ActivityPub is a decentralized social networking protocol and It is an official W3C recommended standard published by the W3C Social Web Working Group.

It has a client-server API for creating, updating, and deleting content, as well as a federated server-server API for delivering notifications and subscribing to content.

Consider ActivityPub to be a language for social networks: the nouns are users and posts, and the verbs are like, follow, share, create… ActivityPub provides a shared vocabulary for applications to communicate with one another.

If a server implements ActivityPub, it can publish posts that any other server with ActivityPub can share, like, and reply to. It can also share, like, and respond to posts from other servers speaking ActivityPub on behalf of its users.

ActivityPub will be a revolution that changes the Internet in the near future:

– No more walled gardens

ActivityPub separates the platform from the content. Posts from one platform propagate to others, and users do not need to create separate accounts for each platform they wish to use.

If you can share a single account across multiple platforms, no one can impersonate you – you are already there!

-Social networking comes built-in

Traditional internet media requires you to rely on third-party services to share your work on social networks. If you want people to share your YouTube video, you should share it on Facebook or Twitter. However, ActvityPub – enabled applications are inherently social.

Users on all of these platforms see content from other apps on their preferred platform. The federated network expands exponentially as more platforms implement ActivityPub.

– Network effects that help users instead of harming them

“Network effects” leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It’s usually used as a euphemism for “vendor lock-in”; the reason Facebook became so massive was that everyone had to be on Facebook in order to participate in Facebook’s network. ActivityPub, on the other hand, turns this equation on its head. As more platforms become ActivityPub compliant, platforms that implement ActivityPub gain value: more apps mean more users on the federated network, more posts to read and share, and more options for users. This network effect prevents vendor lock-in. Finally, the users triumph.

With the characteristics listed above, ActivityPub promises to change the Internet landscape in the future and bring many positive values to the existing internet civilization.

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