What is Bitcityz? Everything you need to know about the Decentralized FediverseFi Platform

It’s time for something different, something decentralized. It is a great combination between Fediverse and Decentralized Finance, FediverseFi will be the future of Socialfi as an inevitable trend in the development of Socialfi.

What is BitCityZ?

Bitcityz is a Decentralized FediverseFi Platform, we’ve plan to enable the ActivityPub protocol to enable connecting other SocialFi along with many decentralized platforms like PeerTube (video-hosting & streaming), Fundkwhale (storage audio archive) …, etc., to connect with us, Bitcityz is FediverseFi aims to offer crypto-lovers the benefits of fast and simple news updates, markets, trading signals, and connecting with everyone in the crypto community.

According to our research, the current users of Socialfi and Fediverse are over 11 million people, which gives Bitcityz a great opportunity to reach its goal of 1 million Bitcityz users in 3 years by reaching those users. 

FediverseFi is a rapidly growing field that offers a powerful opportunity to solve old problems in a smart and eco-friendly way.

Visions & Goals

The Decentralized FediverseFi Platform for crypto lovers

Bitcityz was built in response to creating the most rewarding, creative, and transparent fediverse media platform that blurred the lines between the digital and analog world – a digital simulation of the “real world’. We cultivate the connection elements of cryptocurrency, culture, community, and collaborative creativity.


The foundation for a new socialfi world

●  OWN YOUR CONTENT – Encouraging users to take ownership of their experience, and even their content.

●  OWN YOUR REVENUE – Circular economy as everyone has the right to earn and spend.

●  OWN YOUR PRIVACY – Maintain pseudonyms and manage digital persona without worrying about real identity.

●  OWN YOUR PLATFORM – Giving crypto lovers complete power over the social network, not the other way around.

Now, Bitcityz product offering


Similar to traditional social networks, Feed is the most basic interface of Bitcityz, allowing users to view information such as:

●  Latest updated status of the trader or expert

●  Recommended experts

●  Highlight signal is being watched by many people


This is an interface that collects in-depth articles from leading experts.

Articles on a variety of topics in the field of cryptocurrencies. In particular, only articles that are really quality and provide useful information will be moderated. Bitcityz team always strictly scans each article to bring the best quality content to readers.

When providing quality articles, experts will increase their credibility and awareness as well as have the opportunity to receive donations from fans.

Read-to-earn feature

One of the outstanding features to keep readers engaged with the News function is Read-to-earn. Our team decided to launch a Read-to-earn feature that helps users earn token BCTZ as well as keep the website traffic stable.

At the end of each article, there will be a small quiz to verify the user had read through the article.

For each complete read of the article, the user will receive a small portion of the BCTY token.

Signal Hubs

The market situation is a serious lack of information as today is a huge setback for the industry in general and the market blockchain virtual currency in particular. Therefore, a social network that provides full of official information from the current market will help not only those who are new to blockchain but also be very useful to those who have experience or top experts.

Signal Hub is the place/area where the Expert gives signals for Traders for references to make effective trading decisions.

If the signal is correct, the Expert will be rewarded with BCTY and added reliable points, higher ratings on the system, and vice versa.

Each Signal will be a chat room where Traders and Experts can freely discuss the current Signal.

Information that Traders can refer to includes:

●  Time

●  Entry

●  Stoploss

●  Realtime price and current profit

Features to come in the future…


Bitcityz Launchpad is a completely new feature integrated into the Bitcityz social network. This is a platform to help start-up projects on blockchain call for investment capital and reach users faster in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Users can participate in IDO & IGO of the high-quality project along with staking, farming & airdrop,…


User issues when entering the crypto market:

●  Lack of basic knowledge about Blockchain and Crypto

●  Waste time searching information in many sources

●  Loss when investing in scam projects

●  Crowed FOMO without reason

●  Wasted money on low-quality courses

BitCityZ Academy will solve users’ difficulties

BitCityZ Academy is a platform that completely gathers knowledge about Blockchain/Crypto, allowing users to easily acquire knowledge without having to search in many places.

All courses in BitCityZ Academy are drawn from practical experience, so all lessons are highly applicable, combining Metaverse for the most interesting knowledge transmission.


You can earn BCTY tokens in BitcityZ Academy in the following ways

Use base knowledge to participate in large contests to win BCTY tokens or NFT items.

Earn BCTY tokens after completing the final exam.

Post useful documents and get a BCTY every time someone downloads it in the Library

Core Team pic

In short: “A place to empower content creators & fostering community”

Bitcityz – Decentralized FediverseFi Platform, that aims to connect crypto lovers and experts. BitCityZ provides infinite possibilities for crypto lovers to engage, connect and capture the value they produce through various monetization methods.

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